When Inspiration Becomes Distraction

When Inspiration Becomes Distraction

When Inspiration Becomes Distraction

Inspiration becomes distraction when it’s not executed at the right time. 

It’s Monday.
I jumped out of bed at 6am and was out the door running within 15 minutes. For 3 miles I ran while listening to one of my favorite podcasts. The latest episode was on the benefits of blogging. I was inspired by reason 1 and completely sold by reason 10!

I came straight home determined I was going to blog today only to discover something didn’t feel quite right.

Normally, a morning run focuses my heart, mind, and body for the day ahead. I tend to feel calmer, clearer and ready to go! But today was different. I didn’t know what I should write about or see how I was even going to fit whatever those words were supposed to be into my day. Suddenly, I felt tense and confused. Can you see my dilemma?

Instead of being led by the Spirit I was being led by a good idea. 

The truth is, with all the great thinkers of our time (and before) and resources constantly right at our fingertips, it can be easy to get distracted and start things we’re simply not meant to do right now.

If you’re anything like me, your mind runs with 100 different possibilities! That enthusiasm can easily turn into stress when we don’t have our attention on where God has us.

Passionate achievers who want to see movement and make a difference have to learn to STOP.

Stop everything for a few minutes, or even a morning, to intentionally pray about what’s next. “God, Where do you want my attention to be? How can I join You in what you want to accomplish in me?”

We need continual clarity about where God has us in our story so we can learn what we need from that page. This alone can bring peace. This alone can be all the reason we need to not jump ahead before this chapter’s finished!

One of the most important things to remember today is, everything is not the next thing.

  1. Focus where you are. Ask God to help you pay attention to what He’s inviting you to this week.
  2. Pick the 1 theme – not two, one – you sense He’s making you aware of, write it down, and follow that theme for now.
  3. Enjoy your journey! You won’t get this day again. Make it meaningful by enjoying the moment.

Who knew? After coming home, settling in, I realized I needed direction. I paused, prayed, and felt freed up to wait and words came. I DID have a blog post in me today!

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