Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me

Laugh With Me

I’ve been noticing laughter lately. The lightness and brightness of it. The way it seems to sweep more air into a space.

The wonder of laughter came over me after the evening I found myself caught in uncontrollable laughter during a women’s group. I was telling a story about one of the times I felt I hadn’t listened to God. I wish I had a better excuse, but the only reason I held back was because the words I felt Him wanting me to say sounded dumb. I have since repented of my opinion. I’m slowly seeing NOT responding to God’s persistent prodding can make it more embarrassing than if I’d just obeyed in the first place. (I should know this by now since I have willingly offered up random, some might say, inappropriately nice things to complete strangers in the grocery store before.)

But…  I. have. not. learned. yet.

Back to the uncontrollable laughter.

A few of the more extroverted in the group started poking fun at me and it all went uphill from there. At one point during my story, one of the women thought I said “boobs”, which made us lose it all the more! I expected someone from the men’s group next door to pound on the wall between us, but they so gentlemanly did not.

This was a memorable night. On this night, I shared a humble spiritual fumble and found grace. I’m growing convinced laughter is God’s idea and how He ever so nicely puts us in our place.

Laughter is grace,  friends.

Not long ago a friend asked, “Do you think God has a sense of humor?” I love thinking He does. That the all knowing, holy God who is one day going to make everything good again can, “fill [our] mouths with laughter and our lips with shouts of joy” (Job 8:21)!

Although I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t at all surprised to run into something about laughter in my reading a few days ago. The lovable Margaret Guenther in her book “Holy Listening” says…

“Gentle, nonintrusive humor has a way of restoring perspective, and reducing our inflated selves to manageable proportions. Laughter makes and keeps us childlike.”

I would like more of that.

As my group gets ready to wind down for the Summer, what I think I’m going to remember most is our laughter together.

Like stepping out under a warm Summer sun, laughter does something for our normally hidden souls. On its rays rides connection. Everything starts evaporating down to the sizes it should be. And in a moment, or however long your laugh goes, we’re reminded that we’re in the presence of God together and everything is going to be okay.

I hope you laugh today!

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2 thoughts on “Laugh With Me

  1. Lisa Andersen

    Oh Amy, what a beautiful thing to share! Your laugh is certainly infectious, and I love that about you. God definitely has a sense of humor. He created joy for His children, and I certainly need to learn how to find that more in my daily life. Thank you for always pointing out the small seemingly insignificant things that I often forget. God grant us the ability to find the laughter in every situation.

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