A Simple Step Toward Living Intentionally

A Simple Step Toward Living Intentionally


For a while now I’ve been making it a practice to contemplate what my hope for the week is before I begin it. On Sundays, I begin pondering what’s on my heart as I go about my day and by Monday morning I find a few minutes alone to be silent.

Before I jump in to business as usual, I like to take note on how things inside me might be shifting and perhaps not be as ‘usual’ as they seem on the surface. Shauna Niequist in her book ‘Present Over Perfect’ puts it like this, “I return to silence to return to love”.
I want to know how God is adjusting my focus, my heart, my hope moving into a new week because I’m a firm believer that every thing I am and do matters.

How I start my week makes a difference in how I live my days and how I live my days impact who I become. It’s threaded. I believe we were created by a God who cares and speaks and wants a response from us. The parts of me with creative thinking and beauty and soul, designed for relationship, are being woven into something.

Silence helps me open to Him and who He designed me to be. I believe I’m here because He wanted me here and that my one and only life and how I live it must be important. That’s why I check, and more specifically that’s why I check in with Him, before I get going.

For those of you who want to start a practice like this, I’m here to simply say it’s worth it. It’s worth giving a few minutes at the start of each week to join God in what He’s doing. It’s worth it to ask Him to help you get in touch with what’s current and true inside your heart. There is perhaps no greater gift to the other human beings around us than for us to be grounded in the loving awareness of what God is up to in our lives.

As I sat this morning before the house woke around me, I contemplated what my hope for this week would be. I’m starting to see some threads being woven together as I look back at my own written hopes. If we want to live our best story, out of the depths of who we are, we’re wise to start from within – asking God for help to live like our stories matter.

You matter so much.

For a simple resource for living your life from where you are with intention check out my new Living Reflections Journal. In it, you’ll find the weekly Monday prompt that I’ve been using in my life along with daily space to write down your gratitude and much more…

If you’re already using the journal begin contemplating how God has worked in you through it so far. And because our stories matter, I’m praying about putting together a page where we can share our stories with each other. I’ll keep you posted as this idea continues to unfold!

Wherever you are right now start there. Trust that God knows how to meet you where you are. Don’t look at other people’s lives and compare, start from within. Don’t be afraid of your silence. Look for His truth. Look for what He’s doing in you and for you, in the present moment

That’s where your hope is waiting.

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