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I’m so glad you’re here. Leaning in, looking for something. I would love to ask you about your story and walk alongside you as you live the life you’ve been given… But, I bet you’d like to know a little about me first!

I live in Maine with my family on 14 acres we fondly refer to as ‘Peaceful Meadow’. With four children growing up around me and my husband, life is full but, ‘real life’ weariness seems to be the times I’m the most open for growth. Someday, I want to share our property in a hospitable way, providing a place for retreat and community for people. This dream is something I sense has already begun in small ways and someday we’ll look back and notice that it happened! Like everything in life, anything meaningful is a process.

I love quiet walks, reading, and ice cream – especially, Gifford’s and Ben & Jerry’s! One of my favorite things is spending time with other women, believing Jesus together, seeing minds open and God’s love increase in our hearts just because we’ve been with Him.

When I was in my twenties I came to a very low place and started to realize I needed healing from church wounds and my own religious perfectionistic-self. I needed opportunities to become who I really was – my true self in Christ!

My life has been a journey and continues to be. It’s a process of discovery about myself, with God and with others. For the last 5 years, Life Coaching has been a beautiful expression of how my journey toward the “Full Life” Jesus offers is full of curious questions, digging deeper toward truth, and embracing the turns in the road! And ultimately, Christian Coaching becomes an acceptance of God’s love for us personally.

I would love to journey with you…
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Love & Inspiration,

9 thoughts on “Meet Amy

  1. Dawn Aldrich

    Hi Amy,

    Your sweet encouragement prompted me to scout around your website where I discovered you live in Maine. Have you lived there long? I spent much time in Maine as a child, parents born and raised in Sedgwick and Green (outside of Lewiston). Moved to Connecticut when I was 18 months old. Our best friends live in Cape Neddick so we still visit now and again. Such a beautiful state.

    Thanks for connecting. I truly appreciate your joy and uplifting comments and blog posts.


  2. Amy Post author

    Hi Miss Dawn,
    That’s SO neat! Who knows, maybe after She Speaks you’ll want to come up for a visit on our 14 acres for some respite!? :) I appreciate you and can hardly wait to meet in person this Summer! Blessings sister, Amy

  3. Dinah Cook

    thank you for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to women to help them in purpose and life challenges. You have a beautiful tender heart for Jesus Christ and He will use you to reach many women. I hope we can partner in ministry one day soon. We met in the taxi cab at the Christian World Conference last year for a reason.
    Blessings to you my sister!
    Dinah Cook

    1. Amy Post author

      Hello to my favorite cab rider Dinah! It’s great to hear from you sister. Yes, I believe we will see eachother again one of these fine days. Thank YOU for your encouragement. ~ Blessings, Amy

    1. Amy Post author

      Good Mornin’ from Maine Miss Karen! I enjoyed hearing you speak and meeting you too! What a JOY you are to the Kingdom of God! Thanks for saying “hi”! :)

  4. Kristen

    Good morning my sweet sister Amy!!

    My friend Lois on FB mentioned you and sent me to your site.
    I too live in Maine!! What a blessing to ‘meet’ you on line!
    What a wonderful thing it would be to meet one day in person!!
    I’d love to connect with you. Please do contact me if/when you have time.

    Lord bless you abundantly sweet sister!
    Yours in Christ’s love,
    Kristen Hornbrook

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